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Bukhara city - one of the major tourist centers of Uzbekistan

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30.08.2017 - 14:50
Bukhara city - one of the major tourist centers of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is the unrivalled countries of Central Asia with a rich architectonic and historic inheritance. Due to its location, this country was under the influence of different civilizations that left their mark on its history. It is worth noting that Bukhara - one of the major tourist centers of Uzbekistan. Going on a tour to Bukhara, you will be amazed at how much can be ancient historical monuments, and the ease with which you can see what was created over two thousand years ago.
Bukhara city - one of the major tourist centers of Uzbekistan
This city is called holy, lofty, precious, city-monument, city-oasis. The 6 letters of its name conclude some fascinating magnetism ... Bukhara!
It is not done to say about the age of Bukhara. It is so old that in relation to it, it will just rude. We can only transparently hint that 2500 years ago there was already trade.
Archaeologists with each new discovery add to it years and sometimes centuries. On its territory there are more than 140 archaeological sites - is a chronicle that was captured in stone! Antiquity harbors Bukhara as silk veil harbors the eastern beauty.
Now most of the Bukhara is the protected architectural reserve. There are many unique buildings, each with its own special style of structure. Mostly madrassahs dominate in the historical part of Bukhara. Also here is the Ark - the castle of Emir - one of the most unique and the largest buildings in Central Asia. In the heart of the old town there is an ensemble Lyabi House - a real fine architecture of the East.
historical monuments of Bukhara
The legend links the emergence of Bukhara with the name of the Persian prince Siyavush who founded the royal citadel, which became later the majestic city. There is also a supposition that the word "Bukhara" is very similar to the Sanskrit "Vikhara" meaning "monastery" or consonant with the Chinese "Bikhar" - a place of idols.
The strategic position of the city contributed to its development. Bukhara was at the crossroads of mercantile ways leading to Merv, Urgench, Samarkand and Kabul. Bukharian marketeers with a great deal of respect were taken in many countries, including Russia. Many were just delighted with the Bukharian merchandise, especially everybody liked silk, velvet, cotton headscarves and tissues. Bukharian women were incredible women of fashion in those days! They were called "Parisians of the Orient." They were among the first who "tested" products of husbands-merchants.
The greatest health of the city was observed during the Sheibanid and Ashtarkhanid reigns (XVI-XVII C.). During this period, impressive in beauty madrassahs and mosques, palaces, tombs, and major architectural ensembles were built.
Bukhara history
Once Bukhara was chosen by white storks. On the bright domes you will notice their downy nests. They certainly came back here every year. Maybe because they liked the unusual light that settled here many centuries ago? Everything is possible! Order your individual or standard Uzbekistan tour here and immerse yourself in the warm rays of oriental poetry!
Bukhara was famous for works of blacksmiths and jewelers, potters and embroiderers, puppeteers and chasers. Most of the inhabitants of the city were artisans. This place abounds with shops here. Everything that is sold here, is done the same technology as that of a century ago, and that was forgotten or lost, is actively reviving. In one of these shops you can buy a work of art, and quite inexpensive.

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